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All you need to know before starting Mobile app testing

Both the test strategy and test planning needs to ensure that the app available to the end-users is of the highest quality. With almost more than 4 million mobile apps available for download the highly-competitive supply and demand mean as a tester we must ensure that the quality, usability, and security of your mobile app not only meets expectations but exceeds them.


1. Mobile Platforms and Devices coverage

Some applications are targetted for specific platforms or specific devices. Each app will have a different client requirement for versions to be supported. For better test coverage, make sure to cover
* mobile platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows)
* devices depending upon the size screen
* different versions
* device-specific features like camera, microphone, memory etc

2. Installation, Upgrading, and Uninstallation of Mobile App

Validation of the application by installing, uninstalling, and upgrading on the devices.

3. Social Media Integration

Most of the app includes social media integration for their sign up and sign in. The seemingly easy step is a very crucial part that must be included in the testing plan. Apps commonly include the following types of integration
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Gmail

4. API Testing

Make sure to test the API integrations with the app. API testing allows the tester to make requests that might not be allowed through the UI, which is crucial for exposing potential security flaws in an application in an early stage.

5. Core Functionality Testing

The app needs to be end to end to make sure its functionality is working as expected. E.g in an eCommerce app, the test should include to add item in the cart, go to check out page, make payment and receive a confirmation email. Especially for games testing you might need to give logs for your IOS and android crash logs to developers for debugging purposes.

6. Cross-platform Data Persistency

When the application has a desktop , IOS, windows or android application, make sure to verify data is persistent on all the platforms. As if the user has created a profile in the IOS app, the profile personal information should be the same when the user views the profile in desktop, android or windows.

7. Handling Interruptions

The tester needs to check the scenarios where the app can be interrupted like call, message, low battery, mobile switched off, or no internet connectivity.

8. Connectivity and Network Issues

App behavior needs to be verified in different network connections like Wifi,2G,3G, etc. As speed can have effect on the app behavior. This is an important test case, especially for game applications.

9. Permissions testing

Sometimes app features need to access the mobile components like
Using the features without the user’s permission will not make a good impression and might affect the app review when submitted for the app store. It's important that users can disable or enable according to there choice.

10. Push notifications

Push notifications are one of the trickiest and crucial part of mobile app testing. They need thorough testing before being released. From setting the notifications in the admin panel to testing them on the FE, from clicking the notification to specific target pages to specific OS, the ability to OPT out, the scenarios list goes on.

11. Localization

Localization is also one of the trickier things to test. You need to make sure the app’s time, currency, region or language are being updated accordingly.

12. Voice-assistant

Voice-assistive technology is on almost every phone now and needs to be well integrated. Testing plans need to include voice-assistant integrations to be sure they work and work well.

13. Connection with other devices

A mobile app might need to connect with GPS, TV, BlueTooth, or with any other device.

14. Usability testing

Finally, the most important aspect of any app is user experience. The user should have a positive experience to keep them loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website that are most conducive to business success.

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