In the book, Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams, Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory distilled Agile testing principles as below.

  1. Provide continuous feedback: Agile testing provides continuous feedback about how a product meets the business needs and distribute test results. Stakeholders regularly receive feedback regarding quality from agile testers.
  2. Deliver value to the customer: The end goal of every action taken by an Agile tester is to create the best product possible for the customer. Since customers are exposed to their products during development, they can update requirements as development progresses. For which testers modify the tests to updated requirements.
  3. Enable face-to-face communication: The agile tester should put efforts to reduce confusion. In order to do so, he must communicate face-to-face with developers and other team members. Continuous communication shortens the feedback response time and thus the cost involved in fixing it is less.
  4. Have courage: Agile testers must find the courage to fight for the fixes they think are crucial for the success of the project.
  5. Keep it simple: For testing, it means to perform only those tests that are necessary. They should strive to deliver the simplest part/whole product that holds the most value.
  6. Practice continuous improvement: The best agile testers are keen learners. They consistently keep themselves up to date and learn to do their job in a better way.
  7. Respond to change: Agile testers need to learn to adapt and keep up with the product changes. In order to make sure the changes are properly incorporated and progress is inconsistent, continuous testing is the only option.
  8. Self-organize: Agile testers are proactive and have self-organizational skills. They actively look out for impediments and potential issues and work together with the team to fix them.
  9. Focus on people. Agile testers place an emphasis on social interaction. Their communication with their team and customers help them deliver a high-grade product.
  10. Enjoy. People who enjoy there work are able to deliver value to the customer. Motivation helps to build a champion product.

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